Welcome to Meditations in Nature!

Nestled in Dartmoor, Devon, Meditations in Nature provides a calm, relaxing sanctuary. A space and time to unwind and nurture yourself in nature.

Now more than ever we find ourselves needing to get out more and recharge, our lives are busy and stressful so it’s important to take time out for you. Experiencing Meditations in Nature will encourage balance, relaxation and calming of the mind. Whether you need a break away from a busy work schedule, a bustling home life, stresses of exams, feeling fatigued or struggling to find time for you. This is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself to connect with nature and your authentic self.

Nurture yourself in Nature.


My aim is to empower, motivate and inspire you to follow your own journey of self discovery. My ultimate goal is to give you the tools to learn how to meditate, to deepen your understanding of yourself becoming consciously aware of all that you are, focusing on self care, self compassion and healing.


Nature itself has so many healing benefits, the very idea of meditating in nature is about bringing our awareness to our surroundings, connecting to the energy of the earth and the universe. Feel the wind, feel the sun, the rain upon your skin. Breathe in the fresh air deep into your lungs, kick off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet!


You will learn techniques to enable you to practice meditations in your own environment, whether that’s at home, in your garden or anywhere else! Empower yourself to move away from ‘guided meditations,’ learn how to focus on your own awareness of self.

Lets get back to basics and embrace the elements.

Get yourself out in Nature! Sit with the elements, connect with the earth and bring yourself back to to just being you. Sometimes it becomes all too easy to forget who we are, we forget to nurture ourselves by always putting others first. Taking time for yourself need not be negative or something you should feel guilty for, you too are a priority!

So why Meditation and why Nature?

Now I’m normally not good at Maths but I’m pretty sure the combination of the two subjects is equal to a perfect whole experience! There’s even some Science involved here too!

‘The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop them controlling you.’

Events are advertised on my Facebook page!

Walking with Meditations in Nature, a sensory experience! Mindfully step into nature and find yourself in Meditation. Take a stroll to unearth your true self, to just be. No experience necessary! Wrap up warm, walking boots or wellies at the ready! A deeply relaxing journey, nurture yourself in Nature! 💛 WINTER OFFER £8 (Normally £12)

These sessions take place within all weather conditions so please keep this in mind and dress appropriately. (Winter sessions may be rearranged/location changed with plenty of notice). You can book your space via email/Facebook and transfer payment by Bacs (at least 24hrs in advance) or cash on the day. A brief rundown containing what you may need to bring will be emailed to you once you’ve confirmed your attendance.

I also provide:

  • Private friendship/hen party group bookings (£15pp x 1hr min 4 people, a discount will be applied for group sizes 10+)
  • Corporate/Charity, group meditations.
  • For any other queries please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss.
Self Love

Learning to live in the present moment will enable you to live your life consciously. Letting go of the past and not fearing your future will be a steady empowering process. For too long as a society we’ve relied on others for the answers when really the answers we seek come from within. Focus on letting go of any self limitations and just consciously become aware of your self. Let’s start going within!

Self Care

There’s no time like the present! Tap into your true potential.

NEW! Meditations in Nature is ONLINE!

Nurture yourself with Meditations in Nature in the comfort of your own home!

See my Facebook page @MeditationsinNature for further information.

Self Compassion

Guess what? You won’t find all the answers online! The answers you seek always come from within. Start feeling, start healing!

Gift vouchers now available for 1-1 online meditation sessions! A perfect gift to yourself, a friend or a loved one. 1 hour of teaching and intuitive guidance for an exchange of £35, a telephone consultation can be made prior to discuss. Please email me to order yours today! lauraespinmeditations@gmail.com

Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions:

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. 
  • Expiry date on vouchers in non-extendable, vouchers that have expired will not be accepted.
  • Specific voucher is valid only for stated purposes (1-1 Online Meditation Session)
  • Vouchers are the sole responsibility of the person redeeming the gift. Laura Espin: Meditations in Nature does not accept responsibility for loss/mislaid or damage to the voucher.
  • At the time of booking a session the gift voucher number will need to be quoted. Full name and contact details must also be provided.
  • Once the online session is booked the cancellation policy will apply.
  • Gift vouchers are non-convertible to cash.
  • Gift vouchers are non refundable/non transferable.
Cancellation policy:

All Meditation sessions require a 24hr cancellation notice period, where possible the session will be rebooked. If cancelled beyond the 24hr notice only a 50% refund will be made.

Privacy Policy:

  • Personal details: Name, telephone number/email address are required to make sure you are contactable should an event be cancelled.
  • All information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.
  • Your details may be held in accordance with our insurance policy.


Email: lauraespinmeditations@gmail.com

Tel: 07581029017


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Authentic photographs from my walks with nature with intuitive guidance.