Just a little bit about me.

Hey, I’m Laura. Thank you for taking some of your time out to have a look here today.

I am an Accredited Meditation Teacher, fully insured and excited to get started!

I’m here to guide and provide you with a calm, relaxing environment, a sacred space that enables you develop Meditation skills and begin a journey of self discovery.

I want you to leave feeling empowered, motivated and inspired to get out into nature, to work on going within and focus on what feels right for you.

I work intuitively so I will be providing support and guidance for your highest greatest good. Now that might sound a bit intense but it’s really quite simple, it basically means I’m providing a safe space where you can allow yourself to be yourself! There’s no judgement, no pressures just fully supported in a friendly like minded group.

I have personal experiences with anxiety and depression, I first found Meditation when exploring mindfulness classes. Quite often I found myself trying to fit in and find my place in the world. Learning to self love and heal is a continuous process that enables you to stop comparing yourself to others, stop your negative self talk and allows you to shine confidently for who you truly are.

Meditation guides me through my hard times, offers me support in the good times and helps to align me with my Spiritual journey. As a Mother of two little boys I know only too well the struggle and demands of family life. Whether you are a parent or not there will be factors in your life that takes it’s toll and has it’s demands. We are all learning each and every day no matter how experienced or qualified you believe yourself to be. It’s important we share our knowledge and support each other so we can all find balance.

Walking in nature is a natural relaxing grounding experience that i personally get so much calming and nurturing energy from. It only made sense to want to share this experience with others and what better way to experience it than to meditate in nature. If you truly embrace your surroundings then you will connect the two together, your self and nature. I hope to share this with you on your journey.

I will continue to learn and grow, sharing with you my knowledge, my understandings and experiences to help guide you. We must each find our own direction but together we can look within and find our own answers.

I hope to hear from you soon…


Laura x

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