Why Meditate?
Meditation is all about finding what works for you!

There’s no need to sit in Lotus, there’s no rules or regulations just techniques that can aid you to sitting comfortably and relaxed.

So for me learning to Meditate is about stripping back all the layers we surround ourselves with whether that be years of conditioning, negative self talk, trauma, stress, anxiety… Once we allow ourselves to release what no longer serves us then we can really begin to step in our own space of just being.

Within this space of ‘just being’ we can find that inner calm we so often crave. We look at techniques to reduce over thinking, to relax and just really gently bring ourselves into the present moment.

From the present we can truly step into our personal power with courage, inner strength, compassion and self love.

All we have is now! So let’s start going within. I always say I’m no Dr. no therapist and certainly no guru, I’m just me, supporting you to be the best you can be.

I offer 1-1 sessions:

A beginners course, ‘An Introduction to Meditation’

Chakra Sessions, Guided Meditations and more all intuitively channelled.
No scripts and very little Sanskrit!

Just be you x

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