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Laura Espin – Grounded by Nature

Guidance ~ Support ~ Insight

Meditation Facilitator
Reiki Practitioner
Intuitive Card Readings

Intuitive Card Readings

Take a moment to breathe…

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Meditation Facilitator

Learning to live in the present moment will enable you to live your life consciously. Letting go of the past and not fearing your future will be a steady empowering process. For too long as a society we’ve relied on others for the answers when really the answers we seek come from within. Focus on letting go of any self limitations and just consciously become aware of your self.

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Start feeling, start healing!

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Group Bookings

Private Friendship / Hen Party group bookings
Cost: £15.00 per person
Duration: 1 Hour
A discount will be applied for group sizes of 10+

Corporate / Charity, group meditations

Let’s start going within ~ Book Session Here!

“Being new to the practice of reiki, I didn’t know what to expect but Laura explained that anything I felt I should embrace, be that a feeling of relaxation or emotions. During my session I felt extremely relaxed and content, so much so I fell asleep which is something I had been struggling with immensely recently so felt very well rested the next morning”

– Reiki Review

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers now available for 1-1 online meditation sessions!
A perfect gift to yourself, a friend or a loved one. 
Cost: £35.00
Duration: 1 Hour of teaching and intuitive guidance
A telephone consultation can be made prior to discuss. 

Please email me to order yours today!

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