Tarot, Oracle and Angel Card Readings

They all differ slightly with the Tarot being an ancient traditional divination tool but all bring guidance, support and insight. I currently offer three card spreads but can create larger spreads by request.

Join us for donation based card readings on Friday evenings LIVE on Facebook, held within a private group via video chat.

Tarot readings are sent by email so you can read in your own time. You’ll receive a pdf of your reading with images of the cards.

Oracle/Angel Card Readings can be sent by email but I really enjoy sharing these by video chat if possible. We can discuss general guidance or you may have a question in mind.

Some examples:
Mind, body, spirit
Past, present, future
Desire, obstacle, solution
You, other person, relationships

I am a Intuitive Clairvoyant and only have your best interests at heart. Legally these readings are classed as entertainment only.

Readings are for guidance purposes, it is your responsibility with any actions you decide to make.

No pregnancy, financial, legal or medical questions, I have the right to refuse any questions I believe to be unethical.

Please understand that you are paying for my time and not for any guidance or perceived results or outcomes. As you have personal responsibility for the actions in your own life, under no circumstances should you act directly upon any advice given without first making a personal choice of the validity of that advice.

All readings are conducted professionally, authentically, open and honest, I just ask that you are with me.

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